Finish Dish Washer Tabs .57 (20 Pack)!

Here's a great coupon match-up on Finish gel tabs or powerball packs.

CVS has a Extra Care Buck deal this week...spend $20, get $10 back on this product.

1st) get a reincheck to extend the sale...since you are needing 7 it's un-likely they will have enough on the shelf.

2nd) Buy your coupons just checked for (10) on ebay $1 off's about $1.49 with shipping.

3rd) When you get your coupons in the mail buy 7 of these cost $21 plus tax.  - (7) coupons $7 off. Total $14+tax (OOP)

Get back $10 Extra Care Bucks (FREE CVS MONEY) to use in a 2nd transaction for $10 in free products (whatever you need)

Therefore each pack will be .57+ tax...time to stock up! That's .02 each tab!


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