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15 Fashion Blogs for Those with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

What happens when you love to shop for the latest fashions but your budget has put a crunch on your spending limits? We all know times are hard, and the latest Christian Dior over the knee boots is just not an option right now. So when it comes to finding your best look for less, we are providing you with a list of fabulous fashion blogs for those with champagne taste on a beer budget. These blogs will provide you with some helpful tips for buying clothes and accessories in your price range. Here are our choices for the top fifteen.

Frugal Fashionista -With plenty of variety in her posts, this fashionista provides online shoppers with a mixture of topics such as thorough weekly deals, retailer spotlights, and bargain and steal listings. There is also a section on cost oriented celebrity style recreations. The Frugal Fashionista has been giving doses of inexpensive fashion advice since 2006 with the emphasis on celebrity looks. Even better, seek out your special look by choosing areas like Screen Style, 10 Under $10,Trend Spotting, and Budget Beauty. When you do find that style you’re looking for, the clothes on this blog are simple to find for fast online shopping.

DC Goodwill Fashion Blog -Not only does Goodwill provide career training and job services to those with disabilities and disadvantages, they now give their readers haute retro fashion ideas at thrift shop prices. Although there are the expected hints to visit the DC Goodwill Ebay Store, they also enjoy references to stores such as Hot Topic and Forever 21.

The Budget Babe -The Budget Babe is committed to giving you marvelous, budget friendly fashion on a consistent basis. Her posts encompass a range of style advice on trendy updates, straightforward step by step instructions on celebrity lookalikes, stories, and sale tip offs. Previously working as a producer on some of the major subject matter for, this blog is first class when it comes to supplying you with superior web skills for your online purchasing enjoyment.

The Cheap Chica – This native Floridian prides herself on being a pocket friendly fashion blogger. Her articles and posts entail a variety of frugal looks like Michelle Obama’s renowned white Jason Wu gown and a plethora of printable coupons and just as many coupon codes. There are also feature highlights of spectacular finds that are all under $20. These bargains are almost always exact clones of gorgeous designer fashions.

The Art of the Steal – With an extensive education in the fine arts, this blogger uses her sense of hue, symmetry, and pattern to simulate some of the latest designer outfits at a discount price. She is also a guru on spotting new trends that can fit any working women’s depleting bank account.

The Budget Fashionista – Known as the pioneer of the budget fashion blogs, the Budget Fashionista, aka Kathryn Finney, has been delivering fashionable encouragement to cash deficient readers for over three years. In particular, her niche is giving you the latest and greatest sales tips and coupon codes out there. One of her latest posts is her Fall Fashion Guide for 2009, filled with thrifty but tasteful selections. In addition to all of the above, she blesses us with an extensive list of sample sales going on in cities all over the nation only available to her subscribers. – will always keep you inept of the latest fashion and trends while still letting you keep some money in your pocket. This blogger stays on top of the week’s latest sales, with a specific emphasis on online deals and discounts. Keep yourself in the loop by subscribing to the free daily newsletter. Besides all the wonderful savings you can save some valuable time with her convenient searches based on what specific item of clothing you’re looking for. For busy moms, try their sister site

Style It Less – Get exclusive sale tip offs, complete and super chic outfits with all components totaling for under $100, great budget friendly fashion pieces spotlights – Style It Less has got it all. Also, you should like featured articles like the detailed and exciting Screen Actors Guild Awards gorgeous gown conglomeration.

Broke and Beautiful – You will definitely admire this bloggers outlook on fashion, with her comments and topics that envelop the idea that quality is supreme and prices are perpetually debatable. Along with her sassy and thrifty fashion sense, she encourages the power of self esteem and beauty for women of all colors, shapes, and sizes by providing detailed style guides and advice to make them feel as attractive on the outside as they are on the inside.

The Recessionista – The Recessionista enlightens you on luxurious items for a fragment of the cost. Whether it be fashion, travel, or restaurants, she brings a taste of the finer things to her readers. Find deals and steals on this site from designers all over the world as well as from some of the simpler stores most of us are use to such as Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy and the Gap.

Viva Fashion Blog – This blogger used to report on topics such as fashion and entertainment. Now, she writes about the the most current styles for those thrifty shoppers. Posts cover a variety of topics expressly for those with in interest in fashion without the interest building in their bank accounts. Posts are creative when it comes to the celebrity look for less as well as an number of celebrity interviews and the latest trends.

Shopalicious – : For those of us who really could use some retail therapy but also need to eat, this blogger keeps an eye out for simple discounts and sales that won’t leave you hungry. With a keen niche on style and design, the objective of the writer is met with absolutely wonderful daily deals as well as exclusive coupon codes.

I Spy, Thrift Eye – This is a small site with big bargains! Written by a woman who has a passion for thrift store and consignment fashions that she can replicate with celebrity and top designer clothes and accessories. You can also visit her at her store on eBay.

Bargain Babe – Julia Scott left LA Daily News as a business and to become a frugal blogger. Although many of her articles generally offer meaningful tips for living well on a budget in all aspects of life, she has a very large section in where she highlights the website, a countrywide resource of about ten thousand charity shops searchable by your ZIP code.

The Fashionable Housewife – You will love this blog from a group of stylish and chic writers/housewives that have been providing women with insights into being a fabulous housewife for less for a little over three years. The main goal of this blog is to help women see that just because you’re a housewife and/or a mother doesn’t mean you can’t still look trendy and hot! She also flirts in a couple of subjects such as fitness and the general healthy living for women.
By shopping at thrift stores and consignments shops and digging through your closet for old but new styles, we hope that these frugal fashion blogs can provide you with some well needed retail therapy. These blogs provide more than the above ideas, but rather a whole community of thrifty fashionist as dedicated to providing today’s women with the helpful advice needed to stay in without breaking their budget

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Making money as WAHM (work @ home mom!!!!!!)

Ok ladies lets just jump right in, I know how valuable your time is. :)

Here are some things you can do to supplement your income and still be able to be at home with your precious babies. These are the things I am doing to make it work.

First of all,  if you write or blog this would be the ideal way to make money at home, join a writers compensation program here's a list of some...

  1. HubPages (g) – Article-style submission site and directory.
  2. eHow (s) – How to articles submission site and directory.
  3. Triond (s) – User-generated article, news, video, media and content site.
  4. Xomba (g) – Article, blog posting, social and community-based site.
  5. Helium (s) – Article, essay, debate and feedback submission community.
  6. AssociatedContent (s) – Articles, news, videos, audio, images, etc.
  7. DotNetSpider (g) – Tech-related articles, tutorials and information.
  8. DigitalPointForums (g) – SEO, webmasters, affiliates & marketing forum.
  9. Squidoo (g) – Articles, news, blurbs and all types of content – community.
  10. Webmaster-Talk (g) – Webmaster forum.
  11. ArticleCodex (g) – Article submission and directory site.
  12. MeshPlex (g) – Tutorial, Wiki submission directory and database.
  13. ShareYourExpertise (g) – Information sharing community.
  14. ScreenDig (g) – TV shows, movies, celebrities and games.
  15. NamePros (g) – Buy, sell and discuss domain names – forum.
  16. BloggerParty (g) – Revenue sharing blogging community.
  17. YouSayToo (s) – Social revenue sharing community.
  18. RateItAll (g) – Consumer based ratings and reviews community.
  19. ArticleWise (g) – Article submission and directory site.
  20. HowToDoThings (g) – How to and tutorial submission site.
  21. SpeakAboutIt (g) – Articles, opinions, information – community.
  22. PrintnPost (g) – Articles and blogging submission and directory site.
You can also link a lot of these to social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter to generate more views and therefore receive more compensation. Link your blog to Googles adsense program, which is a way to earn money just from your blog. Google matches ads that relate to your blogs content.

The only writers compensation program I use currently is ehow, I joined ehow Dec 2009 and haven't written for them in quite a few months but I still receive monthly revenue through paypal based on how useful my articles are and how many views per article, etc. I really liked how easy it used to be to write for ehow. Now when you want to write for ehow you are linked to a site called Demand Studios. You have to apply to write for them, then you have access to the article titles that need to be written and you can claim the ones you want to write based on topic and compensation.

Here's another idea for you. Join a company like Elance is a a website where companies who have outsourced jobs that need to be done are matched with people who have the skills to do them. If you are looking for work through them you have to sign up and pay a fee, then you will be able to search the lists of jobs available and bid on them. I was in Real Estate before I had my son and I used this site to find some outsourced real estate marketing gigs. They paid on average $100 a piece for pretty easy work. This is worth looking in to.

Ebay, this is probably the most fun for me because I love to shop! What I do is I score deals at thrift stores, consignment stores, yard sales, etc. and I re-sale on ebay. Sell what you know. We've all heard the saying do what you love and you will never WORK a day in your life. If you are into fashion and know what sells you could make quite the handsome profit selling clothing on ebay. If you love antiques then sell antiques. You would really be surprised what sells on ebay. Here's a funny story while we are on this subject. Mybrother and I were looking on ebay once and came across a used water bottle someone was selling. I added it to my watch list saying who the heck would buy this" and sure enough it sold for over $100

As a joke my brother and I took a sock drew a face on it and put it up for auction and called it the happy sold for over $10, not bad for a used sock. lol
Oh and since it was a weird auction it got a lot of traffic. There are websites dedicated just to finding weird eBay auctions...who knew? Do what you know to make the most money and have the most fun!   
Hope this helps at least point you in the right direction. I will post more on this topic soon.

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