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Kohls Clearance! Super cheap baby finds! Saved about 75%

I just went to Kohls. They are having a great clearance sale! I picked up a hoodie for my 8 month old son for fall. A cute pair of fleece pants as will as two pairs of shorts for next summer. Total paid $11.08 saved $42.60 by shopping sales, clearance sales and using coupons (sign up for coupons).

Blockbuster Express: 9 New Free One-Night Rental Codes!

Blockbuster Express: 9 New Free One-Night Rental Codes!Posted in: Freebies  //  1 Comment Here are some great new codes to use at any BlockBuster Express Kiosk through September 12th. These are good for a free one night movie rental (excluding hot lists movies). 75TTDR3
Find a BlockBuster Express Kiosk near you.

BOGO Sales and Coupons Questions Answered!

BOGO Sales and Coupons Questions Answered
BOGO Sales and Coupons Questions AnsweredOne of top questions I get through emails or through comments is regarding BOGO Sales and BOGO Coupons.  So, here is an explanation on how these sales and coupons work. ::BOGO Coupons with a Dollar Off CouponQuestion: Can I use a dollar off Coupon with a BOGO Coupon.
Answer: Yes and No. This question has 2 answers because there are certain things you need to look for to determine if you can use another coupon along with a BOGO coupon.  You first need to determine if the BOGO Coupon attaches to 1 of the 2 products you are buying or if it attaches to both of the products you are buying. Numbers in the 10th & 11th place of the barcode (circled above) represent the dollar amount of  the coupon.  The only numbers you need to know are when there is a BOGO coupon.  BOGOs (Buy One Get One Free) are either coded with a “14? , “01? or “00″.  Here are what the codes mean: If the numbers are “00″ or “01″ – Then the c…

Walmart coupons and deals good for this week 9/07/11

Walmart Deals Walmart coupons and deals good for this week 9/07/11 are ready to go and you can use the Walmart coupon match up below to help you save money! Keep in mind, sometimes prices are regional, hopefully your prices will be the same or very close to these. Here is a copy of the Walmart Coupon Policy - they have changed their policy AGAIN. They are not taking competitor coupons like Register Rewards anymore (just so you know). You may want to carry it with you just in case. Thanks to Heather and Karen! Coupon Match Up As of 9/07/11:Your city's prices and coupons may vary. This list is intended to be a guide for informational purposes only and not a guarantee - please verify your coupons and local store circulars before you go shopping and feel free to report any errors with a match up - please include the specific coupon and/or item so it can be corrected. Thanks in advance!