Walmart Sales and coupon match-ups week of 5/27

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Walmart Key

Because Walmart IS the generic/mass/superstore, the brown star on this match-up represents items on sale or (Rollback). These items are priced lower then the everyday price.
No star- Means ok price, pick it up if you’re there and you need it.
★ -Means item is currently on Rollback (sale). Grab a few, but wait for a better deal to stock up.
- Means awesome price! Stock up, buy only what you know you and your family will use :)
There were no inserts in yesterdays paper so I’ve just rounded up a few of the lastest fab printable coupons and price match deals! Happy Memorial Day!

Walmart Price Match Deals
Walmart Grocery
Walmart Dairy/Refrigerated
Walmart Household/Cleaning
Walmart Baby/Kids
Walmart Beauty/Personal Care
Walmart Health Care
Walmart Pet Supplies
Walmart Other Deals


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