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Store Secrets you need to know now!

Did you know that stores have tricks to get you to buy certain items? Or more than you need or want? It's true stores have their sneaky ways of digging into your wallet deeper. Here are some secrets, knowing these will save you up to 50% on your grocery bill. #1 Never buy from the end-cap. This is reserved for promo items. These are usually items the store just got so they aren't really in any hurry to liquidate these items. They put these front and center to catch your eye and get you to buy. #2 Never shop at eye level. All of the items the store wants you to buy are see to see and therfore, easy to grab. For the best deals you want to look on the bottom shelves. For example, at walmart pasta at eye level is around $1.50-2 a box, look at the bottom of the shelf and it's .87 same for bread. You could end up apending $4-5 a loaf unless you look again at the bottom of the shelf and bread is only .88 and it's not bad. It actually tastes pretty good. The quality is very …

Married to 'stuff'

As a nation we are so consumed by 'stuff' we work for it, plan for it, save for it and shop for it. We buy, consume and store. Isn't it kind of ironic how you now see a mini storage on every block it seems these days. This is simply because...We have too much damn stuff!!! The reason why I'm writing this and I'm writing it in kind of an abrasive way is because I came to the realization the other day that (this is pretty embarrassing to admit)....I was married to stuff! So let me clarify what I mean by this. I was married for 16 years (in this relationship since I was a senior in high school). I was in a miserable marriage I really didn't want to be in but I realized the reason why I didn't leave a long time ago was simply I was afraid to lose all my stuff. I loved collecting and have grown fond of things like antiques and odd furniture. I love clothes and had a nice collection of vintage clothing, shoes and collectibles. Well, I did finally end up le…

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