Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Store Secrets you need to know now!

Did you know that stores have tricks to get you to buy certain items? Or more than you need or want? It's true stores have their sneaky ways of digging into your wallet deeper. Here are some secrets, knowing these will save you up to 50% on your grocery bill. #1 Never buy from the end-cap. This is reserved for promo items. These are usually items the store just got so they aren't really in any hurry to liquidate these items. They put these front and center to catch your eye and get you to buy. #2 Never shop at eye level. All of the items the store wants you to buy are see to see and therfore, easy to grab. For the best deals you want to look on the bottom shelves. For example, at walmart pasta at eye level is around $1.50-2 a box, look at the bottom of the shelf and it's .87 same for bread. You could end up apending $4-5 a loaf unless you look again at the bottom of the shelf and bread is only .88 and it's not bad. It actually tastes pretty good. The quality is very good for the price. They also have hamburger and hot dog bun buns for .88 wheras at eye level thet are around $3 #3 Know what times your favorite store clearance items. For my favorite stores it's in the morning so if I shop around 9am-10 i can find meat for 50% off. I just throw it in in the freezer and stock up. Always know where your stores clearance secrion is and check there first for items on your list (yes, always shop with a list). #4 Don't buy non-grocery items at the grocery store. Things like diapers and houswhold cleaners are often over priced (walmart is an exception to this). #5 Shop the weekly ad. The front and back pages have the best deals for the week. These are the stock up price items. #6 You can use a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon and a sale to score a killer deal. Stores never tell you these things. #7 The first day of the sale ia not the best time to shop. Sure you will have the best selection but the end of the sale is when stores are getting rid of items to get ready for next weeks sale. #8 Costco is not always the cheapest store. Buying in bulk is not cheaper if you aren't going to use half the stuff you buy. Don't buy a 10 pound flat of strawberries unless you are feeding a lot of people and you will use these in a few days. Stawberries and a lot of other fruit, will go bad very quickly. I only buy things like diapers, paper towels, sugar, flour and kitchen staples there. There's a reason why people call it the $200 store. It is so easy to be tempted to buy things we really don't need here. Hope these tips help get your shopping smarter and on the road to saving big at the grocery store. More on this topic later and I will be going some youtube videos as well on this subject check out mommas2monkeys on youtube.

Married to 'stuff'

As a nation we are so consumed by 'stuff' we work for it, plan for it, save for it and shop for it. We buy, consume and store. Isn't it kind of ironic how you now see a mini storage on every block it seems these days. This is simply because...We have too much damn stuff!!! The reason why I'm writing this and I'm writing it in kind of an abrasive way is because I came to the realization the other day that (this is pretty embarrassing to admit)....I was married to stuff! So let me clarify what I mean by this. I was married for 16 years (in this relationship since I was a senior in high school). I was in a miserable marriage I really didn't want to be in but I realized the reason why I didn't leave a long time ago was simply I was afraid to lose all my stuff. I loved collecting and have grown fond of things like antiques and odd furniture. I love clothes and had a nice collection of vintage clothing, shoes and collectibles. Well, I did finally end up leaving. I just couldn't live a lie anymore, the fake smiles the fake...marriage. The loss of control I had over my own life. Living in an abusive relationship is hard because you can either tell people what's really going on, and they can choose to believe you or not, or you can just ignore it and hope things will get better. It's amazing how the person you are living with behind closed doors and the person the world sees you with can be two entirely different people. I lived this was for too long. After 18 years I was over it. I wanted the whole picture perfect family and the holiday dinners and the Martha Stewart house, isn't that what everyone wants at some point? lol Ok, maybe not, but that was my dream damn it, so don't laugh!!! Anyway, I did end up losing so much of my stuff, not all, but a lot. Word to the wise (never let anyone put anything in storage unless it's in your name too, it doesn't matter if you are married to the person). Ok, I'm still a little bitter about my loss but it was a small price to pay for the freedom and piece of mind it has left me with. My kids even lost so much of their stuff but we have never been happier and are in the process of re-building. The lesson I learned from all of this is this, I will never be married to 'stuff' ever again. There is great piece and freedom in contentment. Be content everyday...let's just vow to stop trying to work so hard to accumulate more stuff and just embrace the present and enjoy what you have right now.

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