Wednesday, December 6, 2017

10 Super Easy Ways To Save big At The Grocery Store!!!!

10 Super easy ways to save BIG!!!! #1 Ditch the Jonses'. The Jones' might appear to have a beautiful life but what you don't see is their debt. Just because they live in a fancy house and drive a brand new car doesn't mean they have money.Truth is they probably have massive soul crushing debt.Trying to keep up with a lavish lifestyle can live you broke, stressed and unhappy. Freedom comes from being happy with less and only buying what you can truly afford. #2 Simplify. No you don't have to get rid of all your belongings and move in to a tiy house (although that is an option). But rather,try to think with a simpler mindset. Declutter your house and get rid off things that you don't use. Sellt these items on Craigslist, or aother online marketplace and put this money in savings. #3 Don't grocery shop with your kids if you can help it. You will save big just by the kids not picking out things they want that they saw on tv or that have their fav character on it. These items get pricey and add up fast #4 Don't buy snacks. Or if you do buy snacky types of food, shop at the Dollar Tree or the .99 cent store. Snacks add p fast at the grocery store. #5 Trick yourself into saving. You know that lose change in your car, on your nightstand or at the bottom of your purse? These little coins can add up to big savings. Save them in a jar or a water cooler bottle (like I do). We are hoping to save enough for our Disneyland trip. Even if we have half by the end of the year it would be worth the minimal effort for several hundred or thousands. I read on a blog were someone did this and had close to $3000 by the end of 12 months. If you think about it everyday you get change if you carry cash. Let's say everyday you end up with $5 in change. Times that by 30 days $ 150 a month saved is a whopping $1800 ayear! See how fast change can add up? What could u do with an extra $1800 a yr? Go on a mini vacation? Pay down debt? Invest? Save? Shopping spree? Down on a new car? Gift? Christmas fund? The possibilities are endless. # 6 Stay home more. While the idea of this might not sound very can be a great way to reconnect with family. Turn off your phones and devices and have a family game night or movie night or even a backyard camp-out.  Tell your friends and family you will be staying home a lot to save money, so they don't feel like you're blowing them off or have become a recluse. Make them come see you. If you think about it,even if you don't spend any money you still are using gas. The more places you go the more you spend. It adds up quick and add kids to the mix and the cost goes waaay up. It's easy to spend $40-$100 on one outing or event. #7 Pack your own food and drinks if you can if you do go out. A quick Dollar Tree run is all it takes to cut the cost by 50-100%. Think about how many times you ight have blown money at fairs, carnivals or theme parks. #8 Explain finances with kids at an early age. This is often a taboo subject and a lot of us don't discuss money with kids. I think this is doing them a disservice. I thought this too..shield the kids from financial issues. What that lead to was mom..I want, I want, want. Start giving your child an allowance from the time they can start doing little chores. I reently gave my step son a lesson in money at Walgreens when he had $5 he wanted to spend. He had to decide what items (candy) were the best value for his money and I had him pay the cashier. This instills a since of trading time for money and that money isn't endless. We can't just go out to our backyard and pick money from a tree (though that would be nice). A lot of people have a hard time telling kids no. Believe me I was one of them. We've all seen the stressed mom at Wal-Mart giving into a child just to get out of the store right? Yep, that was seriously that might have really been me. Lol I had to start learning to say no, compromising and laying ground rules before we even entered the store.  Like for example...your b-day is right around the corner so you are not getting a toy today. We are here only for groceries today. My older kids tend to understand but my little one whos four I try to not shop with him if it's at all possible. Call grandma, a friend or a neighbor if you can for a quick and easy trip to the grocery store. #9 Grocery shop with a plan. For a lot of families including mine. Groceries are one of our biggest monthly expenses...#2 actually. A good thing about this expense is it is a flexible expense, meaning the amount spent is not set in stone like say a mortgage payment or car payment. What this means is you can easily reduce this expense. Things you can do to save at least 50% on your grocery bill include weekly meal planning, shop with a list, plan around your stores weekly sale ad, don't buy convenience buy a head of lettuce and chop yourself or a reg bad of carrots instead of baby carrots. These little changes can save you a lot. #10 Shop at Dollar stores. I buy most all of my snack type foods, cleaning products, cards, crafts and pet items oh yeah and socks at The Dollar Tree. I absolutely love the Dollar Tree! If you do nothing else on this list.This one thing can save you hundreds a year. Some of the items that are totally worth buying are....socks, hair products, soaps, cleaning supplies, crafts, birthday party supplies, holiday decor,knick knacks,books, medicines, pantry and frozen foods and so much more! Dollar Tree videos and more on my youtbe channels Mommies Frugal Finds Mommies Media Beauty30

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Hey everyone. I wanted to give you a quick update. Not done with this area but wanted to get that area looking nice because I truely feel the sleeping area is one of the most important things to focus on, after of course the kitchen and bathroom fuctionality. I love decorating so I did get a lot of other things done but got the bedroom about 75% done. I still need curtains and lighting fixtures replaced as well as touches like storage solutions. So far tiny living has been pretty easy, we like to be outside a lot anyway. 
I got a few cool things in the past couple days like a wood bunkbed that can be two beds or bunkbeds, a couple dressers to go in the rv and just orderwd a huge trampoline for the boys.
I also got an antique sewing machine and a meat smoker for salmon...going to be smoki g salmon this weekend. We also found a dog! The boys wanted a dog bad. We've had a cpyple of pretty good days so I'm hoping this trend continues. 

Life's an adventure, not a destination. ☺

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How I saved $1000 a month, in one sImple step.

Ever think to yourself, if only I could save ___ amount of dollars a month, then could do _______? Fill in the blank, everyone's story, dreams and goals are different. Even saving a few hundred dollars a month could be life changing for a lot of families. For most Americans just $500 extra a month could be to key to financial freedom. What could you give up to gain an extra few hundred dollars a month? Morning Starbucks runs, your gym membership or salon visits perhaps?

For some of us saving money or cutting out expenses is not enough, we just simply need more income coming in every month. For me it really wasn't so much about saving, I had already done everything  could think of to save on monthly bills and expenses like, cutting out cable, not eating out as much, not going on as family outings, not going anywhere if have to to save on gas....all of these things helped, but not enough.

How life changing could it be for you and your family if you even saved $100 a month. Maybe that could mean starting a home based business, paying extra every month toward debt repayment. Maybe getting your son or daughter braces or replacing an old outdated appliance. Now just think what you could you accomplish if you saved 10 times that amount every month?  How fast could you reach your goals? How monumentally life changing would this be for you and your family?

Sometimes you don't make a change this profound until you have no choice but to make it. Honestly we can all sit around and dream about saving money or making more money but the reality of it is unless you are willing to alter your mindset, your spending habits, how you spend your time and most importantly alter your way of living then you will be stuck living paycheck to paycheck. For me, I have had to make the decision to take a few steps back, take a leap of faith and say a little prayer.

Now before I get in to what exactly did in order to save such a large amount of money. Let me first explain how to came to the conclusion that had to make a BIG move.

So this decsion was not one that I made over night. It took a lot of sleepless nights, notes, planning, calculations, meditation and prayer to come to the conclusion I had to make a drastic choice. In August my income was basically cut in half....yes half. Now let's take a moment to reflect on what that would mean to you. What would you have to do in order to survive day to day if you had to live on half your income? Would that mean not paying your car payment? Getting behind on rent, cutting back on groceries, clothing or cutting out cable? For most of us probably all of the the above right? When this first happened I cut out cable, stopped buying as many clothes and toys, cut back on eating out...big time. Started budgeting my grocery budget more, got a cheaper phone and stopped going anywhere I didn't have to go to save on gas. I didn't have a car payment thank god but I still struggled for as long as I could until I could no longer go on...I was backed into a corner, it was sink or swin time. I had to do I couldn't keep up, I was in the red every month. I had to do something dramatic. Something most of us probably wouldn't do unless they had no other choice.

I got rid of half my belongings and moved from a 1100 town house apartment to a 240 square ft. travel trailer, with two small kids. If you follow the blog this is exactly the move the author of this blog made when going through a divorce in order to get to the financial position she's in right now, she was able to save money, build her business and buy a home with a nice piece of property. So in my opinion the short term sacrifice will be worth it very soon.

So about three weeks ago I.......

..... got rid our half my stuff and moved into a less than 250 square ft travel trailer and moved it to my moms property. Thank god for family and friends when times get tough. My mom was a single mom for most of my life growing up so she has been nothing but supportive, my rock, through this long, grueling, nerve raking, emotionally and physically draining....nearly 3 year divorce (MORE ON THIS LATER)

Now I couldn't finance a travel trailer because, number one I don't have enough Income and number two I didn't have enough of a down payment, oh yeah and my credit really sucks, that little chestnut. So I had no choice but to buy something cheap and less than ideal. What I did get is a 1986 travel trailer, overall a sold travel trailer. no leaks, no water damage, but in major need of a make over. It was just basically pretty ugly when I bought it. For most people, they would probably look at something like this and go running for the hills. For me I saw the potential and am never one to back down from a challenge. I can always spot a diamond in the rough, (I usually do this with furniture and clothing since I love going thrift store shopping and yard sale shopping). What most people would see is a hassle and a lot of work, I saw financial freedom and independence.

I knew that taking this step was the first thing I could do to get my finances back in order, have more time to write and have more time to do other things that bring me pure joy. Like gardening, baking, sewing and DIY projects. I also knew that I would be a less stressed and happier mom which is huge because when you are stressed and unhappy, your kids will feed off of that energy no matter how hard you try to shield them from it...they know when something is wrong.

So what's next?

Up first remodeling and decorating the RV...and getting my website revamped, I've had this blog for over 6 years and it is time to take it to the next level! See my youtube videos too. I need to get all of my social media accounts updated as well and I plan on taking a very reputable blogging course to reach my blogging goals.

After that....

I plan on taking on the challenge of building a 400 square ft tiny home next to live mortgage free. I have already been shopping for pre fab structures, gathering building supplies (got a free sink today thanks to Craigslist) and planning. The weather is really bad here where I live in Northern CA so everything is on hold until the weather is better.

Come follow my new adventure!

If you are thinking about downsizing your life to live a better simpler life, send me a message. Looking to collab with other like minded bloggers, looking for guest bloggers as well as writers for upcoming posts.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Check out my new website for my etsy shop!

Check out my new website! Etsy now offers a Free website for shop owners. Does your shop need a little boost? I know mine does. Etsy is offering a free trail for 30 days and only $15 after that per month!

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