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Sunday Coupon Preview. Thanks!

JUN25 log in6/26 Sunday Newspaper Coupon Insert PreviewThis deal was hand-posted on Saturday, June 25th, 2011 at 10:04 pm. So, once again, I am not going to do my typical “Sunday Coupon Insert Preview” as I received yet another email from reader, Carol, with a list of all the coupons that she will be receiving in her Washington DC newspaper. As I’ve said on the previous posts, it’s interesting to compare the differences between the Washington Post coupon inserts and the coupon inserts that the Sunday Coupon Previewhas highlighted.

Drug Store Deals Week of June 26th

CVS Deals
CVS Coupons and Deals Match Up for this week's ad dated 6/26 - 7/02 are ready. Make sure you grab you special coupons available at the CVS Coupon Center and the Register (a.k.a CRT's) (see my tutorial if you don't know what the Coupon Center is). If you need help with the CVS Coupon Match Ups or shopping at CVS, take a look at our tutorial. Don't forget about using your Green Bag Tag when you shop for extra savings. Please share your shopping scenarios and scores below! The "Final Price" indicates the amount of money you pay after Any coupons and ECBs are deducted/received. Occasionally your prices will differ slightly from what is listed - This is because of regional pricing. If you are looking for the match ups good through 6/25 - just scroll down. ****CVS COUPON MATCH UP 6/26 - 7/02****